Batterer’s Intervention Counseling Brings You and Your Family Hope…

I provide individual Batterer’s Intervention (domestic violence) counseling sessions. These sessions are tailored for men ages 18+ who have been convicted of domestic violence.

Domestic violence does not only refer to the intimate male-female relationship as most people think. Relationships are often confusing and difficult to navigate. If you are struggling in your relationships, then this program can help you.

Are you are struggling with the chaos that these forms of abuse bring into your family and relationships? If so, I want you to know that you can find stability and peace through these counseling sessions!

Below are two options for you…

26 week group or individual sessions:

The Batterer’s Intervention counseling consists of 26 weekly group sessions. We will follow the chapters from a very helpful and interactive curriculum. You will be provided with a copy of the curriculum at no cost to you! You will learn about emotional intelligence, mindfulness, anger management and healthy communication. Learning about these topics and implementing the skills you learn will help bring you peace and stability!

52 weeks:

  • We will meet individually to review the chapter from the curriculum one week. Then the following week, we will meet to further process the topics covered in the curriculum from the previous week. You will have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have about the material.

With either of these scenarios, I will provide you with a comprehensive and interactive experience.

If you feel you are ready to start with this program, then click here to schedule your first session!

If you prefer to talk to me more about these services, then you can always call me (248) 705-3651.