Video Counseling

Why Video Counseling?

Making counseling easier for you! If you want to have a session during your lunch hour at work I can help you with that! If you have a hard time getting around due to illness or other health conditions, video counseling is a great option! If you don’t live near my Northville office you can still receive the quality counseling services you deserve. As long as you live in the state of Michigan we can hold sessions via video counseling!

How video counseling works – 


Once we have talked and agreed to enter counseling together, I will send you the link to download a FREE app that will allow us to join a counseling session together no matter were you are in the state of Michigan.


ANYTIME! With video counseling, you cut out the drive time to a traditional brick and mortar building. No traffic, no waiting room, and you can get the help you need from the comfort of your own home or office! Also, as long as you live in the state of Michigan, we can have a video counseling session.

Is it confidential?

Yes, it is 100% confidential. Family Wellness Counseling takes great pride in keeping you and all your information confidential and safe. The app used for our sessions is a HIPAA compliant platform.

Is it hard to figure out?

Not at all. Once you’ve downloaded the app to your phone or computer, all you need to do is click on a link to join the session. That’s it, it really is that simple!

For more information on this or any of the services that Family Wellness Counseling has to offer, call (248) 705-3651 or email