Anger is a “secondary emotion”

Anger is often referred to as a “secondary emotion” meaning that there is typically a more vulnerable or uncomfortable emotion driving that anger. If we can tap into being more mindful and curious about what that underlining feeling is and what it is telling us to do, we can effectively cope with anger. Some common vulnerable emotions under anger are embarrassment, betrayal, fear, pain, and feelings of insecurity. When we confront our more vulnerable feelings with self-compassion and empathy we can begin to disarm our anger and begin true healing.

Anger is normal!

Anger, we all experience it…maybe more than we would like. When it comes to anger we need to remember that it’s a completely normal emotion. Anger does not have to be a negative experience. When we experience anger (or any emotion for that mater) it is trying to tell us something; how to think, how to feel and how to act. Unfortunately when acting out of anger we tend to regret out actions as they often carry negative¬†consequences.

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