I help men who are struggling with anger and trauma by providing you with the tools needed to recover from your pain. Individual counseling will help you thrive and find peace.
Life stressors are difficult. Not having control over those life stressors can be even harder. Experiencing all of that stress while struggling with anger is overwhelming. I say all of this because I’ve been there. I have experienced the anxiety, chaos, broken relationships and discomfort that anger and frustration brings. I have learned that even though life can be stressful, I have the power to make changes. I can choose how I view the world. Understanding the power I have over my thoughts can lead to reduced stress, anxiety and anger and increase your relationships and happiness!
I love what I do and being there for those men who are striving for positive change and looking to gain control of their lives! If you are ready, I can help you!
You can also check out my Blog page to read more about domestic violence, anger management and many other issues you may be struggling with. 

Blog Posts

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Creating Your Own Reality

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